Monday, June 3, 2013

Welcome, June

first swim at the pond
Dad and Uncle Sam
right in the heart
Alex with his dad and uncle
Bradstreet Point
lady's slipper
lady's slippers
magical spot
time to leave
storms rolling in

The heat accompanied our first weekend in June, and with it, a visit from Alex's Uncle Sam of Illinois (Papa's younger brother). We packed up with one eye on our weather apps, warning of a thunderstorm-filled day, and we went up to the homestead for a day spent on the pond. We lucked out, as the clouds didn't roll in until evening. We all, minus Papa, had our first swims in the pond and the water was perfect, if a bit choppy (but that's alright, as the wind kept the biting insects at bay.) We ate by the fire and grilled up burgers and dished potato salad while discussing the homestead's history and the Bradstreet family tree. We took walks in search of lady's slippers. And we managed to spend the entire day there, without working. Okay, Alex did use the chainsaw on those downed birches on the path to the pond, but otherwise, we relaxed. It felt glorious to sit and oversun ourselves on the rocks and catch up with one another. It felt like almost-summer instead of late-spring. What a beautiful gift of a day it was.

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