Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Farmstead Calling

The farmstead, homestead, has been calling to us. It has been calling to us for the last twenty-three years (the length of time that Alex and I have been together) and now we've done it. We've moved in. In bits and pieces, yes, but we've moved. We still have our Mermaid House, too. But our hearts, our energies, our minds and our passion are here at Bradstreet Farm, these days. It's time. No more going back and forth (unless it's to get the teens to their activities); we are settling in. Before, the week or two, the odd weekend, spent working at the farmhouse on projects, always left us feeling slightly bereft of our other family, our pets. And now, they too are finally here with us. It's been two weeks now, I've only just plugged in my computer, bits of routine have begun to establish, there's still constant work and we can't truly unpack yet, but we're here. As with any major change, the growing pains hurt, at times, yes. But we like it here. It's becoming home. We're making it home with each meal, with each slumber, with each stroke of paint, with each small corner warmed with love and attention, with each exploration of our surrounding community. We're here, the farmstead called, and we're here.

Ginger has explored this room and wants to know what else she can check out. #homestead #farmhouse #familyjourney #cat #catsofinstagram

Good morning, chestnut tree. Good morning, farmhouse.

The cats are doing a lot of exploring, today.

Later, we'll repaint. For now, she's claiming her new space rather nicely. #farmhouse

A different view.

It's amazing what removing dark curtains and a new furniture arrangement makes in a space. Now the beloved oak server is our nature table and a focal point. #usewhatyouhave #makingspace #unschooling  #thewellconsideredhome

Bradstreet Brook

Their first turkey sighting.

Corn chowdah and biscuits. #fromourkitchen

Trusting souls. #maine #eatmaine #organic #farm #buylocal

Feels like coming home. #maine #eatmaine #buylocal

Oh, you know. Maine.

I'm ignoring the most skeptical among us, and trying out this sideboard in the kitchen. At least it has drawers and a cupboard. #usewhatyouhave #thewellconsideredhome #farmhouse

My teens rescued me tonight, and they are cooking dinner - comfort lentil soup and grilled cheese. #unschooling #love #fromourkitchen

He's caulking, I'm painting.

Certain unnamed people are in the water and from the sound of it, are swimming the grumps out.

The cats are getting used to the farmhouse, I think. @oliviaebradstreet's photo is better.

Last day of August. #farmhouse #maine


  1. What a lovely set of pictures, they really complement your words and sum it up, all the best x

  2. Just gorgeous, Amy! Every one of your pictures are simply stunning! Congrats on the move and may you feel more and more settled each and every day! xo

  3. WOW....what a major can only assume complete dedication to leave behind the mermaid house...I have been loving that house forever...and will miss it too in photos and such...looking fwd to watching you transform the farm! xo

  4. Amy- As always, what wonderful pictures. The cats by the stove do look like they are adjusting just fine! I am so happy for you and your family. What a blessing to have three generations of Bradstreets once again living at and loving the farm. It is where you belong and where your family will thrive. I can't wait to follow your adventures. Have a wonderful time this weekend at The Common Ground Fair. I will be home in Oregon this year but my heart will be with you all in Unity this weekend!

  5. Congrats on making the move. The place is beautiful, inside and out.

  6. Congrats on making the move. The place is beautiful.

  7. Amy it looks so lovely! Enjoy settling in. I didn't realize the farmstead was close to Belfast. We hope to purchase a home in that are in the next few years.



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