Friday, November 15, 2013

Oh, Look! Turkeys!

Dear friends, here's what we'll do. You have a seat, over here is nice, and you can listen to the brook running and enjoy some late autumn sunshine, and even catch a glimpse of the pond. I will put the kettle on and make you a cup of tea. Would you like a blanket? I won't be much longer, just a few more things to finish and then I can sit down for a good long chat. You wouldn't mind waiting for a bit longer, would you?

One of my favorite spots around the house to sit and think a bit. #home

As I said in my October 5 post (gulp), we have had many irons in the fire. It's all good, really. And since I keep this blog for myself and my family as much as I do for you, friend, I have lots of catching up to do. It will be fun, I promise. If you want a peek at the things we are doing, I just got a post up at Bradstreet Farm - go see! Meanwhile, enjoy the sun and oh, look! Turkeys!

Turkeygram. I see they've brought their friends. Lots of displaying this morning, too. A couple were up on the bird table, but left before I could get my phone. Funny turkeys. #farmlife #wildlife
Turkeygram: King of the mountain #farmlife #wildlife #maine

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