Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Day, Our First At Bradstreet Farm

Four loaves of cranberry orange bread, one pecan, two pumpkin and one maple cream pies made, two trays of dinner rolls in the oven. Up early to do the rest. #fromourkitchen #thanksgiving

Turning out the kitchen lights, bed calls.

Max the cat is very interested in what Alex is doing for some reason. #thanksgiving #fromourkitchen

About to sit down.

pretty table

scalloped corn and sweet potatoes

the table


turkey guy

our children

yes, butter.

maple cream pie

On Thanksgiving Day, we gathered around the worn pine, farmhouse table in the middle of the kitchen, set beautifully by Olivia with Nana's china and silver, and we ate food prepared with love by many hands. We gathered as family, as people with connections to each other, as people with a shared history. Before dawn, Max the cat begged for turkey scraps. We forgot all about the peas with onions were were planning to serve. We served sweet potatoes and not squash. And two types of gravy (vegetarian and turkey) and two types of cranberry sauce (whole and jelly). And my mother's Scalloped Corn, not corn scallop. We groaned with pleasure over Alex's Maple Cream pie. We weren't striving for perfect, and we didn't come close. What we had, was a meal with family. We had ritual and celebration. And for that we are truly thankful.

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  1. How truly perfect. Our meal missed a few items as well, and at the end of the day I realized there was truly nothing missing.



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