Thursday, December 19, 2013

Husband: Yule : Day Five

I joke hinted that he should work on the daybed we have planned for the living room, before heading out the door with Olivia. I thought Alex would instead opt for baking, knowing that he had already softened butter this morning and he was inventorying ingredients for cooking and candy making. Yes, we still have the baking to do. The house projects continue all around us, not caring that the Yuletide season is in full swing. So we keep plugging away at renovations, mostly because we are stubborn.

We discovered when we arrived home, that he and Adam had spent the hours we were away working in the garage, however. They had dug around in the shed and found fir lumber that Alex's own grandfather had harvested from the land and had milled. They measured and cut, planed and sanded.




fir shavings

there he makes

Soon, it will all be assembled into a sturdy and comfortable daybed, and it will be just one more thing in this new home of ours created with Alex's hands and mind. I think, if I were to inventory the ingredients for this project, they would consist of a desire to create and a whopping dose of patience. Oh, and cupfuls of love. That's the best part.

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