Friday, April 18, 2014

One Day In April On The Coast Of Maine

I took a short road trip when I took Olivia to Rockland on Wednesday, as I had a few hours to spend alone with my new camera (a birthday gift from Alex). Just a short drive from Rockland is the stunning St. George peninsula, so I moseyed my way down the twisting roads into the villages of Tenants Harbor and Port Clyde. It was a good stress reliever to get out and see Maine's beauty on a clear April day and I felt like I had all of it to myself, too. I think I saw one person riding out to their lobster boat, and one storekeeper, and that was it, save the few cars that I passed in my to and from. It was so quiet and blue and fresh, and I breathed in and out and let myself feel transported. It's amazing how just taking a few turns down a road in Maine can leave you with the feeling that you've stumbled onto some otherworldly place, existing only for you, in that blip in time and you're not entirely certain it doesn't wink out the second you turn your back on it. It is magical.

Tenants Harbor


birds of Tenants Harbor

lobster pound and seagulls

beautiful afternoon


lobster boat

Port Clyde


Saint George





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