Friday, January 30, 2015

All About Snow

It's a good day for learning to xc-ski. #207gram #maine

A happy sight. #unschooling

It's so blue and cold, today. Beautiful. #unschooling

There. @bradstreetfarmer completed the roof and wrapped the duck pen in poly with the goal of keeping the ducks mostly out of 50+ mph winds and 24+-inches of drifting snow during  #juno2015 . #farmlife #207gram #maine #mattnoyes #midcoastmaine #waldocount


And the clearing must begin. #Juno #juno2015 #maine #207gram #midcoastmaine #waldocounty

I flung out some nuts and seeds to the bare spots among deep snow drifts. Now I'm watching the blue jays trying to stuff as many peanuts in their beaks as they are able. #birdnerd #wildlife

That old apple tree has taken a beating in these recent storms.

When the sun hits our valley it comes in gradations.

Refuse to go out in the run because some snow blew in, EATS ALL SNOW OFF OF BOOTS.  #heritagebreedchickens
This week was all about snow. Playing in it, preparing for it, experiencing it, and coping with it after. The day before storm Juno, the teens were out on skis, enjoying the brilliant January sun and cerulean sky. Alex put more roofing on the duck pen and wrapped what wasn't covered in poly to keep the ducks safe from the impending blizzard. We called our plow guy. The blizzard brought the wind and 24" of drifts, and with it, cancellations and delays.  The day after, I fed the birds on one of the bare spots created by the dramatic drifting the day before, and we were plowed out twice, and we shoveled paths. The chickens, grumpy about the little bit of snow that managed to blow into their run, refused to go out in it, but pecked at every last bit clumped to our boots. And today, we're back in it again, as a much calmer storm dumps another 10-inches on us. It's beautiful and a wonderland of white out there, just as it should be at the end of January in Maine.

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  1. Grumpy chickens brought the smile to my face. :D

    It was all about the snow for us in Southern Ontario as well. I love it, no matter what disruptions it brings. It's nice to see the world slow down for a day or two and bow to mother nature.



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