Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just A Peek

If you live in Maine you might have noticed that we've had some rain. Well, we've had a tremendous amount of rain, really. More than our fair share. We've had only a handful of sunny days in three weeks. It's soggy and wet. It's cold. It's moldy. And it's gray, gray, gray. Our sump pump is running around the clock, unheard of in August. We alternate between tears and being cranky. And we have, well, cabin fever. I'll tell you, I'm not prepared to be experiencing the deep- winter blues in what is supposed to be Maine's one shot at dog days. If this is how summer is going to be, bring on autumn! Sure we'd love to have some more beach days. Summer is Maine is gorgeous. But we're not having summer. So instead we'll take autumn. Clear, crisp skies, warm days, cool evenings, golden warm colors at every turn. Autumn in Maine is breathtaking and we cherish every moment. So last weekend when we had a brief reprieve from the rain, we spent the day island walking. When we decided it was getting late and the sun was setting (a rare thing of late), I spotted it. Autumn. Peeking around trees, skipping across the water, Autumn came out of hiding. Just for a moment, I caught Autumn's light. Soon Autumn will be here, and it will be most welcome.


  1. ah, so so true. autumn is my favorite season for the sun and fresh air it brings. and quiet beaches! bring it on, indeed!

  2. We've had a few days of cooler weather and it was so nice! I too love Autumn, I named my daughter Autumn Rose...People always ask her if she was born in Autumn, "No, my mom is just weird!"
    I can hardly wait to decorate for the Fall Equinox!



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