Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sing! Sing! Sing!

Tonight is a pretty big night for our two kids (and for their parents, of course). Olivia and Adam are part of a select few who were invited to sing with the Portland Symphony Orchestra this evening and tomorrow for the Tribute to John Williams. Both Adam and Olivia are members of the Saco Bay Children's Choir and it was through this association that they were asked to sing. This will be Olivia's second performance at Merrill Auditorium and Adam's first. We had a chance to see them rehearse yesterday and Alex and I will attend the performance this evening. All the musicians will look much more formal tongight than they did during rehearsal, obviously, but it was great to get some pictures and video. All of us are huge movie buffs and have always loved John Williams' music, so this concert will be spine-tingling to the fullest. And we hear there will be up to fifty Imperial Storm Troopers working the crowd during the evening, so that will be extra fun. We're so proud of the kids. They've worked very hard as all of these rehearsals have been in addition to their regular SBCC schedule and are in a rehearsal at Merrill as I write. In the photos and video, Adam is on the front/left in a navy polo, and Olivia is in the middle back, white shirt, black pants. Both sing Alto and we can hear both of them over the choir, which melts our hearts every time.


  1. Wow! They sound so great!!! You must be very PROUD:) Is that last song in the Home Alone Movie? It sounds a bit fimiliar.
    I bet this just melts your hearts. Wonderful!

  2. That is awesome. I spent most of my life singing on stage and to perform for something like that as a child is a life experience - something to be remembered and cherished. Good for them. :)

  3. Thanks, Anet--proud? Nah....oh, is it showing?? Yes, Somewhere In My Memory is from Home Alone.

    Denise--thank you--and I'm intrigued--tell us more about your singing career!

  4. Oh, I just started when I was little, so sang with community theatre, choral groups, renaissance groups, bands, etc. In college I was Music Biz major, music & art minor, went to school for audio engineering, lived in a recording studio, and was in a band as a singer and played a few instruments. I did a lot of studio work and sang backup for all kinds of people too. :) Blah blah blah. But anyway, lots of singing! My mom was a music major in college and played many instruments, so it runs in the family, I suppose!

  5. So Denise, you're like famous and don't want to rub it in is basically what you are saying..yah, I get it. Okay you win the cool contest. (seriously, that's freakin cool.)



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