Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Good Day

I started the day by making bread dough. Lots of dough. Seven doughs, which equal fourteen loaves. That should hold us for awhile.

First bread out of the oven. Mmmm, the house smells so good.

More bread. Oh to have three ovens or, dream of dreams, one of these.

Finally, lunch. Alex was out with the kids all day, picking up locally grown cranberries and doing a double red blood cell donation at the Red Cross, so when they came back hungry and cold, I set them down with warm bread, cups of tea, apple butter and sliced apples and farm cheddar. Later the kids greeted the new neighbors and Alex took them a loaf of bread.

Not an exciting day, but productive; full of love and kindness. Simple. A good day.


  1. The bread is a work of art! I wish I could smell it...but then I would just drool or something because I'm allergic to wheat, an adult onset allergy:(
    What a wonderful treat to come home to! I've just lately started digging cranberries! Love them in my salads and wheat-free muffins! Maybe it's because the only cranberries I was exposed to as a child was that dreadful jelly stuff in the can at Thanksgiving. YUCKY!!!
    What do you have planned for yours? Oh locally grown... I would love to visit a cranberry farm, it fasinating how they are harvested!

    My kids want you for a mom! :)

  2. Your bread looks delicious, Amy..

    Making home made bread is one of my almost daily activities.. Everything about it is a pleasure... inside and out...

    ...staff of life, I say

    Your family will always remember that sweet aroma!!!

  3. Anet--Alex makes cranberry jelly/sauce that is really good. I use some of the berries for bread and muffins.

    Gwen, I probably should make bread every day, but I find it works best for me to make all fourteen loaves in one day, then I'm done for two or more weeks. : > I admire you discipline.

    thanks, All!

  4. I salute you Amy for having the determination to do that big job in one day... Good for you.. Once upon a time long long ago I used to make 8 loaves at a time in Apple juice cans .. that is the only way I could fit them all in my wood range.. but I don't have that stove anymore.. It felt so good to know that I was able to do that.. I know how you must feel at the end of the day.. deeply satisfied!!!

    I cheat now and do the first part of the mixing in the breadmaker...



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