Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can!

For our son, Adam, 9 1/2, who had enough hope to draw this portrait the night before the election:

For both our children, for everyone's children: Yes We Can!! Hello, Mr. President Obama!

11pm, cheering for Obama, President-Elect.


  1. I am just so amazed and happy today!

  2. Oh Joy!!!
    The drawing is so great and I love the kids banging pots! I have a 11:00am photo of Noah too. Lucky homeschoolers get to sleep in. :)
    I so glad it's over, now we can breathe easy.

  3. What is unschooling exactly?

    Is it like home schooling? I had never heard the expression. Is it an american thing?

    Educate me please! :-)

  4. The shortest answer I can give, vonlipi is that homeschooling is the philosophy that the parent is the teacher and the home is the classroom. Unschooling philosophy is that the parent is the faciltator to learning and that the world is the classroom.

    Basically, Alex and I have hold that our childrn learn all the time, not on a schedule, nor is the learning curriculum-based and it is primarily child-led. We believe the process is empirical--the kids are their own best evidence that they are indeed learning.

    Unschooling can be practiced anywhere. Here's a good place to read more:

    Thanks for asking!

  5. Oops, meant to edit that--we hold, not have hold. Sorry.

  6. Your children will thank you for taking such an approach to learning. I believe that what we learn in the classroom doesn't prepare us for life. I felt so un-ready and ill-equiped.

    But I wonder if this will penalize your kids in the future? I hope not. You have probably already thought of that anyways...Thanks for the answer, I love learning about new trains of thoughts and new ways of life.



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