Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving: The Good and The Bad

It's difficult to believe that yet another Thanksgiving has passed! The cottage was lovely as ever, the kids are all growing, the food was yummy and the company was fabulous. The stomach flu was not so fabulous. Yes, that was me. And then Alex. Adam had been barfy last weekend and we thought it was maybe a case of food poisoning--guess not. I started feeling it late Thursday evening and by 4am Friday, I knew I was toast. Luckily the kids and our friends and Alex managed to have a splendid time while I napped off the worst of it. Once we were home Friday evening, I spent the rest of my recovery on the couch and woke up feeling fine this morning...but Alex was not. Oh no. Let's hope Olivia and our friends are spared. Oh well, not perfect timing, of course, but I guess we don't get to decide when flu is going to hit.

Otherwise it was a happy event. The kids had great fun making movies with the digicam, (which they can't wait to edit), we visited with additional friends who stopped by for some conversation and flashlight tag, we played a good game of Scrabble, most everyone went for a walk along the pond where they found ice to break up--always thrilling, and there was pie. Pies. Hey, we kept it reasonable; we only brought eight this year.


  1. That was good and bad! Sorry to hear you were ill. I just hate the stomach flu! Take care and I hope Olivia dodges the bug!

  2. Came over from Anet's... I am sorry to hear the stomach flu hit your family at Thanksgiving. Still, I am in love with your cottage tradition. You have me seriously thinking of starting to look for a place next year right now. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us.



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