Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Decking The Halls

The only thing I don't like about decking the halls is the huge mess we have to work our way through first. Pine needles, boxes upon boxes of decorations, and where to put it all? Okay, so I don't put it all anywhere, we purged a lot of unloved items last year and I only put out what I have room for and we still love, but still, it's always challenging for those first couple of days. Especially since Thanksgiving fell late and then we got sick (stomach flu followed by a nasty cold chaser, yay!) I feel like all the decorating is happening at once this year. We're almost done though and our Yule tree is up, outdoor lights are lit, we still have more snowflakes to cut (all twenty-one of our windows receives the snowflake treatment), and I'm finding places for Adam's nutcracker collection and Olivia's matroska dolls and my vintage fruit cake tin collection. I still have greens to hang (and finish embellishing) and let's not even talk about sewing, crafting and baking!

It's all good, though. We're nearly done, the house is looking cheery and bright and festive. Now where to put those boughs of holly....


  1. I love your collect of fruit cake tins! Are you growing paper whites?
    Your home is so festive, joyous and warm:)

  2. Thanks, Anet! Yes, paperwhites. Lots. I love them. I did start them late this year, but then again, they never require the 8 weeks that some books say you need. If we'd just get some sun, they'll shoot up.



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