Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We Said Goodbye

I finally, with the support and help of my family, said goodbye to my mother today. I thought it was time, it was a cold, snowy, winter day and it's New Year's Eve, a good time for release, endings and new beginnings. My sister and I had at least come to the decision this past summer that we wouldn't do anything about mom in the heat of summer, our mother's least favorite time of year. Winter would be best. So this afternoon, at dusk, with the snow falling and the tide going out, we went down to "our" beach. We took a handful of paperwhites, as my mother asked for white flowers, and we said goodbye to her. She's in the ocean now, gray with gray, she's set adrift to explore all the corners of the world that she only ever explored from her armchair before. With peace and love, Mom, we send you with peace and love.


  1. Beautiful tribute to your mother...your love for her is evident.

    In Peace, Light and Love,

  2. a beautiful way to say goodbye. thinking of you all tonight.

  3. what a meaningful and beautiful way to say goodbye.

  4. That was so touching, thank-you for sharing such a peaceful & precious moment.

  5. Just lovely! You're right, it seems like the prefect time for endings and beginnings.
    Blessings to you and your family for the new year!

  6. Thanks, All, for reading and for your kind and thoughtful comments. I realize it's a bit unconventional of me to post about it, but then again, it's real life, too and *normal*. Thanks again for coming on this journey with me! It means so much!



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