Monday, February 9, 2009

Feelin' Good

As it goes, Facebook friend and sister blogger Swallowfield found a goody and was kind enough to share it, so I'm passing on some Nina Simone love to my readers. As you know, this happens to be the first song that is on my playlist, but now we have this visual treat also. Enjoy!

Incidentally, with some encouragement from the same blogger, we also went and saw Coraline 3D last night. We were admittedly dragging our feet as we are huge Neil Gaiman fans and have loved his book Coraline since our kids were five and seven years old and books to movies are too often messed with. Though the director did choose to change things about the book, the movie is a visual masterpiece is should be seen by all (I encourage everyone to read the book first--that's just the kind of family we are). The 3D version was worth the extra few bucks and the humiliaton of those black plastic glasses, certainly, and where 3D movies always seemed to be about the scary thing leaping out at you, the 3D here is used to add layers of depth and texture and richness to the film. We still prefer the original plot and details of the book, but the film stands as its own work of art.

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