Thursday, February 5, 2009

Music To Warm The Soul

Some of you may notice that when you visit On Bradstreet, music begins playing. I didn't even know one could put a playlist on one's blog until I was visiting my flickr/blogspot/unschooling mama-friend, Shona Leah at her blog. I followed her playlist to here and created my own and voila! (Now, if the music annoys you, my apologies, simply press the pause button.) I was giddy as I added my thirty-nine songs to the list, and they said I have room for more! And it's free! I chose songs that make me want to dance, but sometimes make me cry and always make me happy, and really, aren't playlists like the personality's fingerprint? I hope you find something there that stirs your soul similarly. I'm off to listen to Shona's list again--thanks, Shona, for inspiring me this cold winter day!


  1. Ha! That's funny because I was just up until the wee hours of the night a few evenings ago making a playlist for my page. I have another one I made awhile back, but wanted to start over and create a new list. I haven't posted it yet though because when I tried it wouldn't fit on my page. Looks like yours did the same thing though and still plays. So, I'll probably add it soon..

    In the meantime, I will enjoy the music on your page. :)

  2. Thank-you, that made me smile :0) I'm going back now to listen to more of your fingerprint!

  3. Ok, I may have to run away with some of those songs

  4. Erin, cool! And yeah, I need to play around with templates more, so I can get things on both sides of the page. : > I'll be looking for your playlist.

    Shona, runaway all you want...I keep thinking of more to add. I'm sure I'll do the same with your list.

  5. hey i love the music... and that cake looks YUMMY! can i come by for a bite?



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