Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Cat Max

This is Max. It's been a long month for him, starting with a UT infection that progressed to a blocked bladder and five days in the emergency pet hospital, hooked up to IV and catheter. Since he's been home, he had two weeks of twice daily pills forced into him and a major diet change. He's lost about five pounds (that he needed to lose) and he's frisky and happy, but ravenous most of the time. No more dry food ever, it's bad--very bad. We always tried to feed our cats a healthy, natural and organic diet, but apparently it wasn't enough, so we're learning here. When Olivia and I went to pick up his blanket at the hospital yesterday, we soon realized we were sharing the waiting room with a grieving couple--we could hear the choked sobs. Then it registered that the woman was cradling a small dog in her arms. Olivia and I stood there, not wanting to intrude, waiting and waiting for Max's blanket in the unfortunately busy hospital, feeling her sorrow sink into us every second that passed. What to say, except sorry. We're so sorry. And grateful that I was there only to retrieve our beloved pet's blanket. We've been in that sharp grief before, holding our cat moments before he would die, we knew the pain and revisited it again while we listened to the woman's quiet crying. As we left, Olivia and I looked at the couple and said how sorry we were, then we walked out the door, where I burst into tears and sobbed on the way to the car. Max, we're so grateful and happy that you are home, healthy again, please stay healthy.


  1. What a touching story. We lost a pet suddenly and tragically while I was pregnant with our second child. My son never quite recovered and while he loves our newer fur family members, he's still aching for his childhood pet. The relationships we form with these family members who lack the idiosyncrasies and general weirdness of our human family members is very deep and lifelong, even when their lives have abruptly ended. I hope Max continues to improve. (Now I'm off to read that dry food article.)

  2. So glad to hear Max is feeling better. It's scary when our pets are ill. We almost lost Harpo when he had surgery. I can't imagine life without him.
    Give Max a nice ear rub from me! What a month he had!!!

  3. Tameka, I'm sorry for your the loss of your beloved pet and for your son's grief, so very sad. I have had so many and lost so many cats over the years and all of them are still with me, deep in my heart. Thank you.

    Anet, I remember when Harpo was ill, that was scary. I know you share similar feelings about pets, also, being the animal-love you are. (Tameka, have you met Sniffy the Squirrel at Anet's yet?) One ear rub for Max coming right up! Thanks, Anet.

  4. My apologies for my inability to write today...::sigh::

  5. Yes, Max, please do stay healthy!

    I've had and lost many pets over the years, too, but the hardest to deal with was my first cat as an adult. Thankfully, 2 friends came with me to the vet's when it was time because I couldn't have handled it on my own. I've told Pumpkin & Kody they're not allowed to die. I hope they're listening!

  6. Ah, sweet kitty. Glad he's feeling better.

    We have lost two cats in three years to cancer, and my boys talk about them a lot. We have one sweet old girl keeping us company now, and she gets lots of extra love.



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