Monday, June 8, 2009

But Whenever Monday Comes

Monday again? Already? We've just returned from the cove and there's nothing like being at the beach all day for making me sleepy in the evening, but it was lovely to see friends and get out for a day of sun. It didn't get much above 65F at the cove today, but that didn't stop the kids from taking a swim, even if it was a cold one.

Since there is rain in the forecast for this week, the house is clean and the garden is in excellent shape, I will have time to blog properly this week (and read other blogs, too!) Until then...

Happy Bench Monday!

I'm sure the kids will continue teaching themselves how to use Movie Maker this week. Adam has been working on some stop motion features with his Legos that are pretty cool and I will definitely share when he has them completed. Again, proud and amazed at the kids' ability to look at something new, figure it out and apply it, this time within a 24 hour window. That alone is enough to make a mother verklempt, but then Olivia got me, smack in the heart with her video featuring all of her own photography, fingerprints indeed. Which leads me to Monday Music Video. Sniff! I'm grabbing the tissues...


  1. Olivia's video is amazingly sweet and very well done!

  2. Thanks, Anet! I'll let her know you said so.



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