Monday, June 1, 2009

Minutes Left Monday

As it's almost midnight, I realize I'm leaving my Monday posting rather late. We were out all day, then I came home and proceeded (um, am proceeding) to bake bread. Sixteen loaves, well, batches and batches of burger buns and cinnamon rolls. There's dough in the fridge for tomorrow night's pizza after the visit to the cove. I'm a bit tired after a busy day, but it's a satisfying tired when it's been so productive. Oh, and the garden--we got so much accomplished out there this weekend--it's all good. Except the upstairs of the house. That needs attention. There's always something, alas. Happy Bench Monday!

For Music Video Monday, I bring you an oldie--from a year ago. Both had braces. Adam had a cold. Olivia's hair was long. Seriously, a year ago? Wow, how they've grown. And oh my heart. Ouch.


  1. aww, that's a sweet video! i wish i was better at remembering to use the video recorder on my camera more often. such memories are precious!
    here in bergen, cinnamon rolls are a traditional feature. they're called shilling buns, as they used to cost a shilling.

  2. What are you like!!!!? with all your baking and such! I hope i can be like you one day. You're pretty special I think!

  3. I meant to comment when you posted this last week but those cinnamon rolls are amazing looking. If I wasn't in my strawberry rhubarb phase I would be asking for the recipe...but I have to limit my intake of sweets.

    By the way and feel free to respond via email but I know some weeks back you mentioned getting a lobster roll. Well I was going to get one the other day but realized I didn't know what was a good local place, do you have a recommendation?

  4. Hey, Therese, thanks! I think the kids use the record feature more than I do, lately. I'm glad I shot that one, at least.

    Ann Marie--um, I'm crazy? LOL. Actually, it's all about the laziness--get it done in one day, bi-weekly, that's my goal. haha. But thanks, that's sweet.

    Shay--pshaw--limit intake of sweets namby pamby... Oh--people do that sort of thing? Gosh. LOL. Hey, enjoy your Ray's lobstah roll, deah.



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