Friday, August 28, 2009

Not Back To School

It's that time of year again that wherever we go, the kids are inevitably asked, what grade are you in? or are you excited for school to begin? Our culture is so weird in the way we relate to young people. We could turn the tables and my kids could start asking people presumed to be of a certain age, have you joined AARP, yet? or how are you enjoying your Medicaid benefits? I know people mean well, but come on, there has to something else to ask, if one feels compelled to ask at all, at least find something interesting to ask. These questions just smack of pigeonholing, a product of our institutionalizing the young (and the old) in our country. We are only what our age says we should be, what institution our age determines we belong. Even when my kids answer that they do not attend school because they unschool, people still want to know what grade they would be in if they did attend. Like Olivia says, why not just ask her age?

So yes, we are continuing to unschool which means we are working to organize our fall calendar to accomodate new classes (so far we have photography, animation and choir nailed down) and find new ways to enrich these pre-teen years. Many of the new classes won't even begin until October, which is great, as September in Maine is perfect for being outside. The kids are exploring new interests this year, asking for more challenges at home and we are all excited about exploring new frontiers together. We just won't do it inside any one building, one grade, one pigeon hole. We unschool, thanks for asking. And yes, we're very excited about it.


  1. Brilliant post! I'm sure I come across as curt in my reply, but why aren't you in school later followed by are you ready for school just drives me over the edge some days.

  2. Since meeting so many who homeschool in Maine, I do try to be a lot more thoughtful in my interactions with kids. You make some great would be seen as rude and inappropriate to ask an older person how they are enjoying social security.

    Kids are so much more than there grade in school! Speaking of we are taking the wee lass out of ft daycare and I will be looking for things to do with her. If you have any ideas on what is good locally for the preschool crowd (I know its been a while for you) I would appreciate it. Since right now we are looking at dance classes and maybe a soccer class. Who knows if its a good year, maybe I will rethink the school thing.

  3. We came across an elderly man once who asked Noah "Why aren't you in school today?" Noah replied "I am in school." In a very polite, sincere way:)
    That is really the only time anyone has said anything to us.

  4. here´s to a great year! sounds like it´s going to be wonderful. just got my kids´books and there was nothing on art, photography or anything else creative... i do miss the us when it comes to things like that... it´s up to the parents to find creative outlets... here´s wishing i lived in maine.... yet again!:) besos-jane



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