Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Late Summer

Well we had a fabulous long weekend! Friends of ours came down on Saturday and spent the afternoon and evening with us. At times we laughed so hard I thought my sides would burst (they hadn't seen this yet--classic.) The kids made a couple of movies, and there was the food, including pie and cheesecake, so all was good.

Sunday and Monday we had a mini-staycation and oh--that was good. Just what we needed, I think, especially now that we are embarking on new schedules, classes, routines, learning and general busyness. Next week the algebra, geography and animation classes begin, and all of us return to choir. This week, especially, will mark our transition from the free days of summer to the chock-full days of autumn. The kids will begin book club again soon, we have the fair to look forward to, and soon October will be upon us with more events and additions to the calendar.

Things of note:

--This video has been getting major air-time here in Maine. We're planning to get some volunteer time in with the campaign. Loving this.

--We watched this movie recently. As always when we watch films like this (or have conversations with children who attend school who mention things like since we finished all our units in music, we watched the Simpson movie for three weeks...???--makes my head spin.) we always have a spirited discussion about school, children's rights, creativity and how people learn. It's interesting, too, to get glimpses of the future parents our kids might become, when they give us a look that says I wouldn't do it that way with regards to some questionable choice a parent or authority figure has made in a film.

--Finally, the Eastern Trail around the marsh is enjoyable now that a bit of cooler weather has come our way and the bugs are not so terrible. I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time at the marsh this fall. Here's what it was like on Sunday evening.


  1. lovely pix as always. i love fall. instead of spring cleaning i get fall cleaning, the need to get already and set. maybe it is a throw back from AZ because we sort of got holed up in summer, in the fall we could come out of hiding. maybe it is just that magic that spring and fall have.
    went to the farmers market and got lots of bluebrries and right now in my oven is a blueberry pie! lol yum! forget the broccoli and carrots, i think we will have pie for supper. :)
    hope to see you soonish! have fun staying busy!


  2. Wow, those pictures are GORGEOUS! You are very talented.

  3. I love your photos, you really know how to capture not only special moments, but feelings of warmth and fresh air. It sounds like you have been keeping yourselves busy and have some fun activities to look forward to! :)

  4. Thanks so much, everybody! I too, love late summer--and fall. The hustle and bustle and the fresh air and golden sunlight. Thanks, dear readers!

  5. Those are some amazing flare photos - including your blog header!

  6. Will you please put this photo on your Etsy page so I can buy it: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_PltPB8DKnvo/SqaxBwuvQ9I/AAAAAAAACaU/-2gFUH0aGgM/s1600-h/3897166250_ba096e91af.jpg

    Love it! :-)



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