Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn Pleasures

This was the first autumn weekend where if felt good to be home and cozy by the fire, with good smells coming from the kitchen and everyone busy with little projects. Last week I managed to put up squash, broccoli, kale, chard and herbs in the freezer and finally I can see our kitchen island again. Alex took a gallon of raw milk from a nearby farm and made about two pounds of fromage blanc, or white cheese. Both the veggies and the milk needed something done with them, so it felt great to finally do it. On Saturday, Alex spent most of the day making delicious flatbread pizzas with carmelized red onion and the cheese and apple dumplings--whole apples cored and peeled and wrapped in his homemade pie crust...oh so good. Pizza and apple dumplings made a nice change from all the stews and soups I've been making, lately.

Fromage blanc
raw milk cheese
he can cook

Flatbread pizza with tomato sauce, fromage blanc and caremlized red onion

Apple dumplings
baked apples in a crust

By Sunday evening, we had our first snowfall and I was further reminded that I need to get out there and begin putting the garden to bed. October has been so busy and the poor garden has been rather neglected. I need to get some Samhain decorating done also, and either Alex or I have a date with the sewing machine soon since Olivia needs a costume made. Adam has his costume all set, and it looks great, but I won't spill the beans just yet.

first snow, Oct 18

I love the frenzied activity of fall but equally adore the cozy, homey moments, too.

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