Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Corner View :: My Dream

Let it be known that my kindergarten report card contained a teacher's note that read daydreams too much. I don't even think that's possible and this guy agrees with me. So there, Mrs. Wyman.

I still daydream, a lot. I think of it as my meditation. I can name all sorts of things I've been dreaming about lately, like a new kitchen, making time to paint or sew, gardening projects, realizing true health care reform, imagining both the near and distant future and of course, list making. But there's one dream that trumps all the rest these days. And it's this: I don't ever want to see our country make these sort of distinctions again.

I dream that we choose to reject notions of treating people like second class citizens by denying two people who want to be married, the option of marrying. I dream that we reject the idea of civil unions or any other separate but equal legislation. I dream that we choose to embrace GLBT families the same as any other family. I dream that we finally figure it out once and for all, that love is love is love. I dream that we acknowledge that our pesonal relationships or spiritual paths are our own and belong to no one else, that these paths are not threatened, denied, harmed or called into question by recognizing another's marriage. I dream that the same people that want government out of their lives, stop trying to repeal civil rights legislation already in place. I dream that we all have the guts to stand up for civil rights. I dream that we "Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself." (Robert Ingersoll)

Maine is facing yet another referendum in a couple of weeks. That's why tonight, Alex and Olivia are volunteering their time at the No On 1 phonebanks, why we'll be voting early at our town office. I dream that we do what is right. Until then, I dream about this man's strength of character and hope that we can all be as decent as he.

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  1. RIGHT ON! Very well said and very good visual. i am working the phone bank this weekend! :)


  2. What a great post and wonderful statement from the man on the video!

    Hello from another Pagan homeschooling New England mom, but the way.



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