Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Bit Of Proper Geeking

Last night was our homeschooling Halloween costume party, so that's why I have pictures already. Tonight we will be hanging with friends in one town over and will be donning costumes again. And here's proof that we've done our very best to raise proper geeks...ah, it makes a mother proud.

Adam as Doctor Who and Olivia as Lt. Uhura.

Gasp! You aren't familiar with The Doctor, you say? Say it isn't so! It's a show definitely worth checking out and I like what Scott Brown has to say about it. Have no doubt that Adam rocks his Doctor costume. Let's compare:

David Tennant as The Doctor.

Adam as The Doctor.

Adam has a coat, too and his costume is courtesy Le Goodwill. I'll have to get better photos of him tonight wearing the coat. As for Olivia's costume, given our Star Trek obsession over the summer, it wasn't surprising that she'd choose to be Uhura. Alex sewed her dress this year. I only made the Starfleet insignia.

Geeking out: Sonic screwdriver and the Vulcan salute. Happy Halloween!

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