Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's A Sad Day In Maine

As you've probably heard, the equal marriage law was overturned by people's veto yesterday, here in Maine. Though it's tempting to feel bitter (oh how very tempting), and to think things like Maine: The Way Life Should Be--Unless You're Gay , I'm trying very hard to not succumb to that way of thinking. I know that in the end, dignity, equality, fairness, respect and love will prevail, but who wants to wait? I'm also thinking that some major act of civil disobedience is in order. Perhaps a million strong on the Washington Mall, burning their marriage certificates might knock some sense into people? Mass divorce, anyone? I don't feel great about having special rights that others do not have, that's certain. As for you, President Obama, I've never been happy with your stance of gay marriage and the fact that you still state that you are against it, and that you did nothing to help Maine with the historic fight for civil liberties, yeah, I'm angry. As for those on the oppostion side who insist their vote to repeal equal marriage had nothing to do with bigotry, hate, fear or homophobia, do me a favor and stop lying to my face.

I know we won't give up the fight for basic civil liberties, and I hope others (eh hem, Obama) finally see that until we are all free, none of us are free (thank you, Emma Lazarus.)

One day the arguments against gay marriage will seem just as ludicrous as this does.


  1. very frusterating, i just don't understand it at all. how can people still think that it is OK to deny someone else the rights that they themselves hold so dear. sometimes i think we just have to hate someone, and right now the group that is OK to hate are homosexuals. what makes people so afraid? what makes them think that if all people had the same rights that it some how takes away the power of that right? wouldn't it make it more powerful?


  2. well said, good soul. I'm still reeling on the California ruling. In the end, we will triumph, but it's so embarrassing and lame to try to explain this to our children. i'm thinking about you today!

  3. yes, well said indeed. i am embarrassed that this state that I love for so many reasons could not stand ahead of our nation on this issue, but am still hopeful for another chance to do so... Soon, please!



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