Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Corner View :: Souvenir

sea texture

Ah, I did it! I remembered to do Corner View this week and the theme is souvenir from our city. It so happens that my town is full of souvenirs, some tacky, like miniscule bikinis, red lobster key chains, air-brushed t-shirts and non-native sea shells glued togehter to form a fairy princess castle, replete with glitter. Other souvenirs are more expected, like beach pails and flip flops and towels. Other souvenirs may be more personal, like the tatoo, sunburn or weekend bender. I prefer the natural souvenir to any of those listed. I like the sort I find myself, walking on the beach, often long after the tourists have returned to Quebec or Massachusettes. I won't find my souvenirs in the shops that line our main street and I certainly won't find they are decorated with glitter or stamped with made in China stickers. The souvenirs I have hunted for become part of my home and my garden. And when I'm pulled in many directions and I haven't taken time to walk the beach, the souvenirs, these simple, often battered, cracked and imperfect shells are indeed reminders to come walk, come be still, come renew, come search.


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  1. Newport Beach is that way too, as you can imagine. Our family, like the Bradstreets, likes the natural souvenirs best, although I much prefer beachcombing at the Atlantic to the Pacific.

  2. Great choice. love the photos. Perfectly Bradstreet post. Thanks for remembering. Hey, I took a pic of that great pumpkin at the CGF too. Did you know about the crazy pumkin fest that happens in Damariscotta this weekend. I heard that 1000lb pumkins are there and that last year some guy hollowed one out and out an outboard motor on it and rode it down the river. WTH!!! sounds like a cool outing!



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