Friday, November 20, 2009

MIT Splash! 2009

This weekend we'll be in Boston so that Olivia can participate in MIT's Splash 2009 program. She's registered for many classes, including nuclear war, pigeonhole science, when science discovered God, history of the world in two hours, zombie defense, criminal justice and insects. It looks like a fabulous program and she's very excited. She'll be going all day Saturday and Sunday with a full schedule of back to back classes. In two more years, Adam will be able to participate as well. I'm thankful we live close enough for the kids to take advantage of MIT's offerings. Even if you live a distance from Boston, you can still benefit from all that MIT offers as they have videos and OpenCourseWare available to anyone with an internet connection.

While Olivia's in class, we'll spend time with Adam walking around Boston, which is always fun as the city has so much to offer--it will be a fabulous unschooling weekend all around. I'm sure we'll come back with lots of pictures and stories about all the fun we had. Have a great weekend!

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  1. What an awesome opportunity...jealous much!



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