Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day Nine :: Yule

'Twas The Night Before Santa

There was lots of this. Twenty-four dozen lots of this.

and pat it

And it turns out that Adam has the same urge as his father to paint photo-realistic cut-out cookies. Unless everyone has a muddy Yule boot?

cookie decorating
the artist and his cookie

And the proud artists show off their masterpieces.

ta da!
happy workers

Then they donned their pjs, came downstairs and made up a plate for Santa, remembering the Reindeer, of course. All got quiet as they placed the plate on the table. Both looked around the room and the at the tree one last time before heading to bed. They sensed the quiet joy, the anticipation and the sweetness of the moment and moments to come when the sun rises.

cookies and carrots
for Santa

As I tucked them in, I wished them a "Smss Smss Smss!"--which is how I said it when I was a toddler. Sometime in the overnight, Santa will visit. Both the kids are so tuckered out from working, though happily, all day, that they will sleep, but I know they are excited for morning. They'll come downstairs, retrieve their stockings and bring them back to our bedroom where we'll all snuggle together, opening any stocking gifts, while the good smells of coffee drift up to us.

Goodnight to all, and to all a good night!

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