Friday, December 25, 2009

Day Ten :: Yule

Santa Morning

Around 8am the kids, full of giggles and fits, came into our bedroom to snuggle, laying on hugs and kisses, but they were soon off to go get all our stockings from downstairs. They brought the stockings to our bed, Max the cat joined us, also asking for hugs and kisses, and oooed and ahhhed at the little treasures that Santa left for us. The sun was warming our room, which was decorated just a bit, making all cheery and bright.

bedroom mantle
the children rush in
stockings in bed
kisses for Max
Max loves ribbon

After stockings, we all dressed for the day then met downstairs. It was a wonderful gift to ourselves to wake to a shiny clean house, filled with sunlight. Alex and I both started two types of bread dough rising--Alex's Yule bread for our breakfast, and I planned to bring French bread to his parents' later in the day. We read Santa's letter to the kids and waited until we could all meet around the tree to open Santa's and our gifts to each other.

pastel morning
a paperwhite morning
music box record
darling clementines
my girl
vintage Yule
chocolate Santa
Santa's note
gifts beneath the tree
Santa was here

We always open Santa's gifts first.

Adam always asks for a Nutcracker to add to his collection.

rotund Nutcracker

Olivia was delighted with the Holga camera Santa gave her.

holga happiness

And Santa never goes wrong giving Star Wars Legos.


And then we exchange the family gifts.

Indian tapestries for me. Love.

Indian tapestries for me

A little Doctor Who for them.

some Doctor Who

Many other lovely and perfectly suited things for us all, from each other and from family in Wyoming.

And then...the thing Alex and I had to be the sneakiest about for so long, the thing that had me so excited the night before...we made them shut their eyes to open the first part...and finally...

freaking out
no. way.

Yes, we gave them each a PC laptop. The disbelief on their faces was so worth the wait, let me tell you. And finally, we won't have to share the single family computer and the unschooling will go all that more smoothly.

lots of hugs
like a duck to water
trying it out

So while Alex and I finished making the breads and he made breakfast and we got ready to leave for visits to the grandparents' houses, the kids had a moment to check out their PCs and utter more words of amazement. They were so sweet.

We stopped at my Dad's house before heading to the Bradstreet homestead. My Dad likes Christmas just a wee bit and it shows, so it's always a treat to visit. We planned to have a longer visit with him and Grampie Tim on Boxing Day.

Christmas at Ginger Brown Cottage
vintage sleigh and snowmen
decorated birdhouse gate
Santa in the window
my dad's tree
my father's window

Next stop, over the river and through the woods, and we arrived at Nana and Papa's house, where we spent the afternoon and evening visiting with them and three aunts.
Three words: IKEA gift card. They rock. Otherwise, I didn't take as many pictures during our visit. I think I was fading fast after going on limited sleep, but I think this photo says it all. That's all I have to say about that, Forrest.

the look says it all

I will say, however, that it was a wonderful Santa Day, about love, generosity and family. We drove home, climbed into bed, tired and happy, trying not to think too much about our early date in the kitchen Boxing Day morning.

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  1. Wow, that does sound like a lovely Xmas day. Love the photos.



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