Monday, December 21, 2009

Day Six :: Yule


Oh sorrowful Demeter
Goddess who mourns

Night breath, cool and sharp
Bare branches quivering
Beneath the Moon

Crackling snow glistens
Small shadows scurry past
Shallow prints upon the crust

Silence split by whispers
Billowing crystals drift down
Caressing Earth in timelessness

Even in your sorrow, you offer gifts.


s o l s t i c e
s o l s t i c e
s o l s t i c e
s o l s t i c e
s o l s t i c e
s o l s t i c e
s o l s t i c e
s o l s t i c e

Peace be with you, Life!
Peace be with you, Awakening!
Peace be with you, Revelation!

Peace be with you, oh Day, who
Engulfs the darkness of the earth
With thy brilliant light!

Peace be with you, oh Night,
Through whose darkness the lights
Of heaven sparkle!

Peace be with you, Seasons of the Year!
Peace be with you, Spring, who
Restores the earth to youth!
Peace be with you, Summer, who
Hearlds the glory of the sun!
Peace be with you, Autumn, who
Gives with joy the fruits of
Labour and the harvest of toil!
Peace be with you, Winter, whose
Rage and tempest restore to
Nature her sleeping strength!

--Kahlil Gibran

s o l s t i c e



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