Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's Nearly Spring, Wake Up!

Ah. I've had the windows open a lot lately, letting in the sea breezes and the distinct scent of thawing earth. This is unusual, as it's early March and it's Maine. But we're not complaining. We're slowing coming out of our rather studious hibernation to fill our days with active fun, new adventures and little projects that help freshen our spaces. The kids have been out on long bike rides, sleepovers, visits with friends near and far, long walks and of course, movie making.

Here's some of our favorite things about the yawn and stretch at the end of winter.

The brilliant blue of the ocean.

sapphire blue

The ocean's cast-offs.

late winter

Baking with fresh, local eggs, delivered to us by our beautiful friend, Rachael.

local beauty

Time with friends, including long car rides, sleepovers and classes together.

time with friends

Being able to sit outside in the sunshine to work on geometry and other homeschool classwork.

sunshine academics

Completing simple projects that help freshen our home.

simple projects

Thinking about painting the living room something warm and vibrant.

craving fresh color

Celebrating Olivia's recent venture into Girl Scouts and her first cookie sales. Yes, she surpassed her sales goal, too.

it's cookie time

Taking joy in her efficiency and organizational skills. Cookies all ready for delivery.

ms. organized

Looking forward to the spring equinox and decorating the mantle for Easter.

equinox planning

Knowing wool blanket season is nearly over.

wool blanket season is nearly over

Making a list.

wish list

Garden dreaming.

garden dreaming

Relishing hanging the wash outside.

spring chores

At the end of the week, Olivia turns 13. Oh my heart. If that's not a spring wake-up, I don't know what is. We have plans to gather her friends for a movie out, a sleepover and there's always cake involved. Oh, and love, lots and love. And hugs. Extra tight ones.

How are you waking up?


  1. The little one and I have been going on long walks which has been nice. I am also thiking of the projects we want to start around the house though my surgery is going to set me back a bit. Right now just enjoying this marvelous gift of an early spring.

  2. I love your green in the dining room! Do you mind sharing the color? Thanks. Jessi

  3. whatever that leaf/man hybrid piece is, I really, really, really want one...;)

  4. Yes, Shay, the weather has been lovely.

    Jessi--off the top of my head, it's New Avacado, a Valspar color from Lowe's. I'll track down the actual number for you.

    Topsy, Alex gave me the Green Man for Yule. He'll get hung on the shed once it is really spring. We have a couple of great garden shops around here, and I'm sure he found it in one of those. Thanks!

  5. I hear you, many similar thoughts and dreams this time of year!



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