Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Eleven Birthdays

Eleven years ago, we had a similarly warm May, when you were born, Adam. We spent the next three months on the shores of some body of water, just to stay cool. Always, you were content, to nurse and nap and later, get in the water.

You took to the water, yes, like a fish and yes, just like your sister, and really, you've never left. (As you were born in the water, so I suppose that doesn't come as a big surprise.)

son shine

Evidently, you've always been able to nap on the beach.

From your first day with us, you've been a peaceful, kind soul, with the best belly laugh. All we had to do was smile at you and you'd be lost in deep, belly rocking giggles. You've always had a sly wit, too, the kind that sneaks up on us. Either way, we've loved laughing with you.


You and your sister have shared a mutual adoration, which has been one of our greatest joys as parents.

ya gotta try it all out
much needed beach day
there we were

Your capacity for joy and love is huge, and shows in all that you do. Adam, you've always had an eye for detail and a knack for solving all types of puzzles, of the jigsaw variety, questions of navigation (your nickname has been GPS since you were two) or of the natural world or of the Lego or video game kind, or of the baking, fort-making, crafts, even good deeds...if it could be explored and solved, you've enjoyed it and excelled at it.

more castaways
almost like T-2, but not
cookie press
car on the street
creative but scary
he bakes, he sews
unschool morning
a good deed

These past eleven years have been truly amazing, knowing and loving you, Adam, the way we do. I am so excited to see what the next eleven bring. Happy Birthday, Adam, our shining boy.

Big piece of cake!

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