Thursday, May 6, 2010


Adam's 11th Birthday morning, in photos. He'll get his party-on this weekend with his dude friends, too. Snarky comments provided by moi and not Adam, who is sweet and kind and didn't complain one little bit. Even if a May morning on our deck is like the surface of Venus.

Oh, is it MY birthday?


Mo-om, we need an umbrella!

he's 11 now

Like, a big-ass umbrella. Seriously, I can barely see.

we need an umbrella

Daddy can't see either. And he's wearing that super cool t-shirt.

hugs and kisses

That better be a Boston Cream cake.

happy 11th Adam!

Are those blue dots in front of my eyes, candles?

11 wishes

Mmmm, icing. It is good.

none wasted


cake is good

I got the Doctor Who season 4 soundtrack...jealous?


Hmmm...I may be mistaken, but this looks suspiciously like the last gift I opened...


No way...duuuudes! F/XHome is awesome!!! Olivia says, it's been Daddy-fied.

much pleased

I must install F/XHome now, with my Daddy-Clone.

tech geek twins

I think eleven has treated him pretty decently so far. He's one cool kid.

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