Sunday, October 31, 2010

This Is Halloween :: Blessed Samhain

The Samhain mantle-

the samhain mantle
spooky books
poe's poems
day of the dead mirror

The dressing in costume-

Alex and Olivia
me, haunted

The home/unschool Halloween party, last night.

the spook + mad scientist
old time spook
WWI nurse with Bette Davis eyes
party food
dead chef

Last night was the home/unschool Halloween party and fun was had by all. I love seeing the other costumes, those of both the kids and parents. Adam threw his costume together at the last minute, but it suited him perfectly. He referred to it as an old time spook. Olivia decided on a fabulous World War I nurse costume, looking a bit battle fatigued for effect. Alex resurected the ever classic Dead Chef, and I was simply something undead and haunted. Today we're cozying up the house, setting the logs in the fire pit and making food in preparation for dressing in costume again tonight, having friends over and sitting around the fire while the kids go out trick or treating (tonight is going to be chilly-it's snowing in some parts of Maine today, so I better get out the wool blankets, too.) It's simple and homey and just the way we like it. Now, to go put something hearty in the crockpot for tonight's meal. I hope you're also having a blessed Samhain!


  1. Great times! I just shared this post and other tales of Bradstreet fantastic with my husband. Blessed Samhain to all of you!



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