Monday, November 1, 2010

Samhain Night

Lorenna McKennitt's All Souls Night.

We carved our pumpkins in the late afternoon and later put them on our stoop.

pumpkin guts
My creation

We lit the fires and and candles, welcoming the night and all who would visit.

halloween glow
samhain night mantle
cozy home on a chilly night
come sit by the fire
have some hot cider

Blankets and pillows at the ready on a chilly Halloween night, we waited for visitors. We set out hot cider, wine, toasted pumpkin seeds and other treats. The soup was on and the house was warm, just in case the cold got to our bones.

grab a warm blanket
samhain night
chilly halloween

The children were dressed and made ready for their evening of trick or treating. They would go off together and with a friend and we wouldn't see them again until the cold chased them indoors.

skeleton soft shoe
mr. skeleton
time traveler
ready for trick or treating
WWI nurse + old time skeleton

Later we huddled together near the fire as we watched the night sky change and listened to the Halloween sounds of the neighborhood. We cupped glasses of wine and mugs of hot cider and pulled the blankets around our shoulders.

halloween night
wine, cider by the fire

Eventually the kids came home, red-cheeked and cold-scented. We soon cuddled together by the indoor fire with bowls of soup and buttered garlic bread and looked for something scary to watch while Adam announced yet another lost tooth. It was a good Samhain Night. Blessings on the turning of the wheel and a new year!


  1. Sounds like a perfect evening! Love their costumes. :)

  2. Great pics! the kids looked great!!!!!

  3. those pics are totally gorgeous! looks like a cozy was freezing outside!

  4. I love those pictures. Your home is amazing!

  5. Thank you, All! It was rather cold out, but that made the cozy inside all the more appealing! xo

  6. love all the candlelight and love your home. also love your candor in the following post re. social and political issues.



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