Friday, December 24, 2010

Yule: Ninth Day

Today the three cookie bakers were busy as ever, making bon-bons, pressed cookies, and decorating the sugar cookie cut-outs. We laughed and teased one another about interesting color choices. Adam was aghast at Olivia's green reindeer, but his white one with pink antlers was perfect. Other cookies we marvelled at, all oohs and ahhs. And sometimes, you just can't have enough red hots on one little cookie.

so many cookies
the decorators

Of course a few breaks in between batches were necessary.

a bit of down time

For a simple and easy dinner, we've resurrected Alex's childhood family tradition of having fondue for supper. It was very gouda.

it's gouda 'nough for me
fondue for dinner
the bakers three

We had another full day (and it hasn't ended for Alex and I, eh hem, there's wrapping calling our names), but it was another day full of love, too. From our home to yours, a blessed, loving and merry holiday to you all.

yuletide blessings
for Santa


  1. As usual, your pictures are wonderful. I love the one of everyone in the kitchen. Merry Christmas to you all!

  2. Your kitchen looks so cozy and I love that orange/sunny color! :) Sounds like another wonderful day during this holiday season.

  3. Your house always looks so livable, comfortable, homey and loved. Happy holidays!



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