Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yule: Tenth Day

A Merry Yule to All!

The day began well after 9AM as Alex and I had only just put heads to pillows four hours prior. Goodness. While everyone made themselves ready for the day, I spent a few moments taking in the pleasures of home, one of my most favorite Yule morning things to do. The quiet, the stillness, the beauty, the light, the magic, the before, all of it is a gift that fills me with overwhelming and mindful gratitude.

Yule morning
Yule morning
his and her collections
delights await

Then we gathered together, with mugs of tea and coffee, the good smells of Alex's Yule bread rising and the fire adding to our comforts and we paused a moment before stockings to hear Adam read Santa's note.

this cookie was too pretty to eat, says Santa
reading Santa's note
stockings before stockings

Our cat, Ginger, was perfectly content, stalking and pouncing on ribbon.

cutie Ginger
her ribbon

But she and Max were still curious about other gifts, especially the ones that were catnip-scented.

gifts for the kitties
new toys
a kitty kiss

A few surprises were under the tree for each of us as well.

A certain Doctor and a guitar for Olivia from Santa, who truly knows her heart.

hello, Doctor
she got her guitar

Santa left a secret code in a gift for Adam, a code that unlocked a special effects program on his laptop.


Adam also received a monopod and tripod for his movie making pursuits.

for our movie director

Alex gave me these gorgeous mugs that I had my eye on when we were in Cambridge, and I adore them--they are so me.

gorgeous mugs from my beloved
look how pretty

For Alex, there was the photo collage of us, so he has us with him at work, the new Scott Westerfeld and slippers, naturally.

so he has us at work with him

To the family from me, a photo book of our year.

something I made
family album

And from us to the kids, this.

Guitar Hero win

I predict we'll all have a lot of fun with this game.

A simple brunch of Alex's delicious and traditional Yule bread, we were ready to pack up travel to the homestead for a Christmas evening gathering.

Alex's Yule bread

We first stopped at the half-way point, at my Dad's house, per tradition, to pick up homemade goodies he and Tim made for the extended family. My Dad's home is like a trip into whimsical, vintage, good-kitschy, delight-filled Christmas wonderland. The joy he takes in showing and making his home is infectious.

little brown house
front door
pine cone garland
my dad in his kitchen
Santa Dad
little tree
personal style
vintage pastels
Christmas window
Christmas corner
kitsch I made when I was six

At the homestead, we were welcomed on this cold night by the cheery Christmas tree in the garden, the fire in the woodstove, a pretty table set with cheeses and dips and minestrone in the pot. We exchanged presents, praised everyone for their thoughtfulness, and we gave and received hugs all around. We then sat for bowls of minestrone and mugs of tea, opened our Christmas crackers and donned our paper crowns. Olivia, with Auntie Heather, hatched a scheme to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special, since Nana and Papa have BBCAmerica and we do not. Their plan worked and we were able to watch the special, which really, was just another gift at the end of a day for this family of geeks.

Adam playing Santa
with family at the homestead
Christmas night
air fist bump

After a few catnaps during the evening, we packed up the van, and I drove us home, singing carols all the way. We crawled into bed, exhausted but happy, content in our love for one another. It was a wonderful Yule.

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  1. Amy, it looks like you had a lovely lovely Christmas. And it's documented so beautifully, too.

    BTW, I so love your dad's house - it's like an elf house! Gorgeous.



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