Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just A Glance

We're still in hibernation mode here On Bradstreet, happily so. At first glance, it seems we didn't do much. But each moment was unique and treasured, all the same.

This week we:

ate farm fresh eggs with bread and jam and tea for breakfast.


laughed loud and long at my deplorable Cooking Mama playing.

discussed at length-- racism, education, relationships, patriarchy, feminism, sexual identity, biology, reproductive rights, literature, history, zombie defense and endless other things.

we went to see The King's Speech, which was excellent.

they built a snow fort.

my favorite photo of the week

shoveled snow.

he worked on his movie making, using 3D effects.

working on one of his movies

read books, discussed books, shared books.

ate chocolate covered almonds.

talked with friends.

emailed several people, unknown to me, long, detailed answers to their unschooling and gardening questions.

ate many meals together.

cleaned up from those many meals together.

played. sang.

found, one unicorn

cleaned house.

snapped some self-portraits.

me, 39.5

finished season 2 of Bones.

cheered for Alex and his new employer.

ate lots of homemade bread and soup.


hugged. laughed. cried. hugged some more. laughed harder.

Of course this is just a glance. The week feels rich and full to us, even if we didn't have much on our calendar (or things were cancelled by snow). This week we lived our life, as simple as it was. I wonder what next week will look like?



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