Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow and Other Good Things

the snow covered stoop
snowed in
Snow day

With much anticipation, our snow finally arrived this week, and in good blizzard form, too. By anticipation I mean, very much looking forward to hunkering down for yet another week before jumping back into our busy unschooling days. Yes, I admit it, we're still feeling a bit protective of our spaces, our time and our overall desire to be homebodies. At the beginning of (our incredibly full) December, Alex began a new position with a new company, which is all very exciting and positive, but it's changed our routine, our flow, with earlier mornings and later dinners. He loves the change, he's happy, we're happy, it's all good. We're still adjusting our days a bit and it's not a huge challenge, but a little extra attention to our family has been needed.

drum lessons

Meanwhile, we did make one concession to being out and about this week, as Adam began drum lessons. A month or so ago, Adam expressed wanting to explore drumming, and so I signed him up. He has been practicing since then on his drum pad. Olivia would like guitar lessons, which I'm still tracking down, and she would love to pick up piano lessons, again. She was pleased when a big box arrived the day after the storm, containing her guitar case. So though home is cozy, it's not always quiet with all the good sounds being discovered.

a spot of orange

Otherwise, we've simply been enjoying the pleasures of home, long discussions, books, winter boot shopping, tea drinking, and nurturing our selves. Part of that caring for myself, was finally, finally, acquiring a much longed for and needed tool--that amazing thing knows as a smartphone. My old cell phone was, well, old. Six years old, and comparatively speaking? Numbah than a hake, deah. And with unschooling and being on the road or waiting for long stretches between the kids' activities, a smartphone is a marvelous tool indeed and one I coveted, intensely. I'm also pretty sure it's smarter than I am, so I know I have a long way before figuring out all its capabilities, but oh, oh, being the geek that I am, I'm thrilled. It also means that I get to use things like the Instamatic app and take not particularly great but fun regardless nifty photos.

intense flare, man
like connect four flare
a beach house

Out our front door
Olivia and me
snowy evening
deep snow on the beach

Very soon we'll pick up the busy where we left off, I'm certain. For now, for a few days, we're content to be homebodies. And I heard a storm is in the works for Tuesday. That's just fine by me.


  1. Great photos. Just loving the down time's great to be free, isn't it?

    happy day!

  2. I was so ready for the blizzard, too! I woke up to a total white out, it was great... until my daughter came down with the stomach flu :-( Which is one reason why I STILL haven't blogged about the storm.

    P.S. I'm lovin' the MixPod tunes on your site.. the best!

  3. how I love your pictures, all of them! In my Midwest brain the snow and the ocean do not compute...another blog to love!

  4. I love home in January. By March we are rearing to get out out out, but for now as the snow comes and then Feb. when the temps get wayyyyyyyyyyy below zero, happily homebodies. :)

    I fought against a phone upgrade for ages too. Mine was ancient. I only used it to call husband or for emergencies when out in the car. My husband was given an iPhone from someone at work when they upgraded to newer model, so he gave me his (older than that) iPHone I'm connected. Sigh. ;P I refuse to sit and tweet for 3+ hours a day like he does though. It is for texting, gas mileage, photos! Ha!

    Music lessons sound fantastic. My guys have been wanting some too - but they are still at that age where everything is babyish music. They want the real deal, which I guess I would have to hit a bigger city for. So, for now we wait. Drumming lessons are definitely on our list!

  5. Jean @HRM, thank you, my dear.

    Marcia, thanks, and yes, absolutely.

    Aw, Mari, that's too bad about the stomach flu. I am always grateful when we pass another year without that particular treat. I hope you are well on the mend by now, in time for this most recent snow storm. And thanks for letting me know about my music mix-I love sharing and learning about music, so I'm glad you are enjoying it.

    Many thanks, Joycee, and welcome! Oh yes, the beach in winter is one of our favorite places to be.

    Denise, I always feel comforted, knowing that you are being homebodies as well, this time of year, and that you understand just what I mean.
    Also, yes, "babyish music" (re lessons)--I get that! For years that has been an issue, and not just regarding music lessons. Good luck!



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