Saturday, February 5, 2011

Keeping Cabin Fever At Bay Saturday

It went like this.

After breakfast, we went into Portland to get some bubble tea and see all the beautiful colors, dresses, dancers and say hello to friends at the Chinese New Year Celebration. Adam's still not convinced he's a fan of the tapioca in his tea.

Bubble tea
snow and lantern

Then, just because, we went up the road to Freeport and kicked around LL Bean for a bit, where we did some window shopping and stared at fish.

the obligatory LLBean photo

But secretly, what we were all looking forward to, was having lunch at Sam's. We don't have Sam's as far south as us. We have Amato's, which is fine (we do not enjoy their pickles, however), but our stomach's and hearts belong to Sam's for the classic Maine Italian.

classic Maine Italian

We drove through the village of South Freeport on our return trip home and admired the many old homes. The snow was starting to fall, which made the roads slick. By the time we were back in Portland, it was raining and sleeting. A quick stop at Bull Moose for Olivia (she bought a book at Middle Class Rut's new cd, which I will be borrowing immediately).

We're home now and it looks as if we may be in for an ice storm. It's time to do a few chores (we always have the possibility of losing power in the back of minds on such occasions) and then we'll put our feet up for the night, under blankets, by the fire, together. Cabin fever; successfully remedied for another Saturday.

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  1. The thing I think I love most about the east coast is how you can get so many different places in not so long. Well, and the ocean, the architecture, the history, blahblahblah. ;) Sounds like a great day.



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