Friday, February 4, 2011

Growing The Unschooled

Unschooling is a process, an evolution. We grow and learn together, and grow. Did I mention grow? So while our learning often still looks like this:

what's this?
June 2004
Rideau Canal

it also looks less and less like this:

beach play
pilots for a day

No longer do the stuffed animals come out for vet visits, the little wood kitchen was packed away years ago when it seemed to only reach their knees, and though they still love being and playing on the beach, the play doesn't feature fort-building as often.

Today, learning happens differently. We all use a computer, now. We all do research, share information, and then we tell each other about what we've learned. But this isn't always very organized. We read--a lot. There's so much to share. So much to do and see. So, given that, in order to further support our unschooling, I set up this blog at the request of Olivia and we are happy to have you along as well! Here's to learning all the time!

Welcome to Unearth and Fathom, a strewing blog for the unschooled. This is where I strew information about many topics for my two teen unschoolers, to keep us organized, informed and amazed.

teen meet-up


  1. I LOVE this! Amazing wealth of strewy goodness. Thank you for making it public!

  2. I'm SO showing the new blog to Silas! This is awesome.

  3. So adorable! Can you believe how fast they grow?



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