Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where Winter Meets The Shore

It seems funny to me, but every time I share photos of snow along the shore or right on the beach, doing so never fails to illicit responses from far and wide, amounting to basically I've never seen snow on the beach or snow on the beach does not compute. Well, deah, this is Maine and since we have about 3478 miles (5600 kilometers) of shoreline, as well as plenty of snow during the winter months, the snow does fall on even on the beaches and shore.

Olivia and I were out on this gorgeous, brilliant blue February day, she to to her guitar lesson (which she loves, loves, loves) and then we did few errands. We drove the back way home, along the Scarborough Marsh. I always think the marsh, when it's covered in snow and ice like it is now, looks like what I imagine an arctic landscape might look. The marsh is huge, 2700 acres huge, and breathtaking in every season. We spotted a variety of ducks, cormorants and gulls. At around 2-3pm, the sun is still fairly high in the sky, too, so for those of you waiting anxiously for spring, take heart. Before heading home, we stopped for a quick walk on the beach, too.

And here are your snow on beach photos. (Oh, and dammit, I forgot my other camera, so these are all from my phone, alas.)

salt marsh
salt marsh
more salt marsh
quick stop at the beach
Olivia on the beach
sea gulls
beautiful girl
snow bank

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