Monday, April 25, 2011

Laundry Room Redux

In case you don't know this about me, I adore doing laundry in my home (at the laundromat? Not so much.) It took us a week of sorting, purging, reorganizing, painting and moving appliances and shelves, but we've finally finished the laundry room make-over. It used to look like this and though it still serves all the same functions-mudroom, laundry, recycling area, storage of seasonal, cleaning and cooking/canning items as well as tools-we've cleaned it up a bit. We kind of had too, since our ten-year-old washing machine blew a four inch hole in it's drum a year ago. Yes, we've been without a washer for a year. Sad face. Mostly because of this room and it's tiny footprint. We did have our last washer/dryer set stacked and we didn't want that this round, which of course, just made moving anything more challenging which meant other things became a priority and we just did the wash down the hill at the ol' Ocean Suds. Our ten-year-old dryer is still going strong, so we simply brought clothes back here to dry, either in the dryer on on the clothesline.

So after watching our two local appliance dealers' web pages like hawks for monthly deals and researching Energy-Star, low-water/HE washers, we lucked out last week when we saw the one we wanted go on sale at Vic's. Sweet! (If you're local, the folks at Vic's, downtown Saco are super good to work with. If you're not local to me, I encourage you to check out your locally-owned appliance store. Often the deals are better than what you can get at your big-box store, they sometimes have a dented and scratched section, and all the while, you are supporting a local business!)

The wall color is Olympic's No-VOC April Sky D56-1.

re-organized laundry room
laundry room

In this space, we plan to install one of these much-coveted-by-me airing racks.

this space is for future English airing rack
laundry corner
laundry corner

This side of the room is the mini-mudroom area, for coats, boots, and a shelf for baskets full of seasonal items. I just switched out the hats and mittens for beach towels and bathing suits. Alex found a piece of interior trim we had salvaged from the Bradstreet homestead and we used left-over hooks to make this coat rack. I'm hoping I will soon be able to put away the last of the winter coats, once warm weather arrives and stays.

little mudroom corner

Every nook and corner is used and this time we took extra care to put things within easy reach. It won't be long before we will be reaching for these berry baskets for a day of picking.

hooks for berry baskets and things

Ah, it feels so good to have our laundry room back and in good order!


  1. That is an awesome laundry room, and I love that airing rack with the cast iron, simply beautiful.

  2. I love that! I must say I was *just* going on to my husband about how I miss having a mud room/laundry room/storage room. We have an unfinished basement and it is just not good for storing stuff or air drying laundry. I love having a room. Drying racks, canning jars, coats. Beautiful! :)

  3. So that is what you do with Clementine all looks wonderful. And the canning jars in there, Like.



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