Monday, October 31, 2011

On Halloween Night

We placed our carved pumpkins on the stoop, readied the house, warmed the cider, began a fire outside, and dressed in costumes. Olivia, in a peacock blue gown, masquerade bound and Adam, in a Minecraft costume that mirrored his own gaming skin, complete with axe and sword. Then our friend Noah, came by to join in trick-or-treating and the kids were off, braving the cold and the still snow-covered ground. Soon, a cold Olivia was home again, handing out treats and making up a simple dinner with me, as Alex and the boys continued their search for treats. Later, all of us by the fire, around the table, laughing. We listened to Blunt and Olivia's piece on the origins of Halloween. And later still, a ritual viewing of Nightmare Before Christmas. Our Halloween night; a simple, memorable, magical night.

masquerade beauty
mining jack-o-lanterns
Adam's Minecraft skin
at dusk
Adam and Olivia
teens on Halloween
Noah and Adam
Samhain night
Halloween evening
finally content after a hard day's mining


  1. Those are some excellent costumes. The pixelated pick-ax is brilliant!

  2. Thank you so much, Linda. Hey, have you disabled comments at Cottonwood? That's fine of course, but just know that I appreciate so very much all you write and identify with so much of it. Thanks for stopping by!



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