Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Halls, They Are Decked

Last weekend, we went to our favorite tree farm to find our Yule tree. With that accomplished, our tree is up and now every corner of our home, inside and out has received a dose of Yuletide cheer, so now begins the baking, the making, the mailing and the visiting. The kids have their choir concert this weekend, too, so there will also be singing. We hope that you are also enjoying the hustle and bustle and the cheer of the season.

The search for our Yule tree.

two Mainers
in chevron flight
love, love, love, love! all you need is love.
it was a boot kind of task
heading home with our find

The tedious bit, the waiting and the crafting and making in the meantime.

the holy and the ivy
ah, and we're at the tedious stage of tree decorating
they're crafty buggers
only a couple of hundred more ornaments to go
O Tannenbaum

The next day, a few more decorations, a bit more making.

still decorating the tree
we need more snowflakes
I love these creative people so hard.
snow wishes

And the enjoying the happy sights of our home in all it's Yuletide cheer.

we're having a well-earned rest
they halls, they are decked
a happy sight this morning

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