Friday, December 9, 2011

Hearts Full of Song and Something About Bow Ties

The Southern Maine Children's Choir, where eight out of the sixteen members are home or unschooled. I keep telling folks that Maine has a large life-learning contingent.
unschoolers in the house!

Look at all these Bradstreets in a row! We're so grateful to family and friends who made it a part of their day to come support not only this new community choir (which is still seeking members, audition Jan. 5, 5-7pm), but Adam and Olivia as well. It's wonderful to have such loving people in our lives!

look at these Bradstreets, all in a row

Petit Enfant is a tricky number, but it was sung oh so sweetly, regardless.

Petit Enfant
Southern Maine Children's Choir

Here, they sing Let It Snow!

Adam liked them on The Doctor, but he may have stumbled on a new fashion accessory for himself. Bow ties are cool.

bow ties are cool :: Adam, 12

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