Monday, December 12, 2011

To Be Jolly

Paperwhites started in our vintage white McCoy.

paperwhites in vintage white pottery

Precious afternoon December light on the shed door.

a December afternoon

A visit to Picnic, a treasure trove of Maine-crafted delights.

Picnic Portland
bumbles bounce
Picnic 2011

That was our weekend. We hung more lights, tidied corners, made massive amounts of scalloped potatoes, and we snuggled by the fire. It feels good to check things off our list, the small and big. This week? Gingerbread. And cookies. And packages. We'll be busy, certainly; being festive, living joyfully, that's what we love. 'Tis the season to be jolly; that is our joy.


  1. Why am the only one in my family who loves acalloped potatoes? ha ha. Picnic looks wonderful, will have to try and go some year.

  2. We're making lots of cookies, too this week. I'm not a big baker until the holidays come around and it starts to get cold outside. Then, when the weather gets warm again, I go on a hiatus.



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