Saturday, May 5, 2012

He's Thirteen Now

birthday smiles

Our baby, our son, has turned thirteen. These birthdays, they happen every year, thankfully, and yet, I still get all misty-eyed. I see the growth, the changes, the expanding interests. I also see the things that remain the same--the sweet smile, the gentleness, the humor, the curiosity, his enormous capacity to love.

chunk of drool
boy and a dog
Big piece of cake!

In typical fashion, we celebrated his day as a family, giggling over the homemade Minecraft decorations, having a leisurely breakfast (bread pudding, because it was soft and easy for Adam to eat, who had just had his second round of braces applied two days prior to his birthday), a few significant gifts and cake, of course.

homemade minecraft silliness
breakfast #baking #breakfast #eat #fromourkitchen
birthday breakfast
that'ssss a nicccce sssshirt...
major surprise
still in bit of shock, @superadamgalaxy says #birthday #iphone4s #iphone #teen #13
cake time! #teen #13 #fromourkitchen #cake #baking #bostoncream

We spent the afternoon together while Adam set up his new phone with important things, like Draw Something, had more cake and since Adam had been talking about seeing The Avengers for a year or more, we went and saw it, along with the full moon that greeted us after. The creepy-cool thing about Adam's phone, is that he can talk to Siri, so that was interesting, mainly because we all were shocked at how quick we were to anthropomorphize the tool. I thought I'd mention it here, as it seems such a The Future Is Now sort of thing.

full moon at the movies #fullmoon #avengers

It's been a remarkable thirteen years with this amazing person in our lives. Happy Birthday, Adam, you remarkable, shining boy.


  1. Lovely pictures, as always. And the old photos are priceless! Happy Birthday, Adam! (Or should I say "Cousin Adam"?) It all looks wonderful.

  2. Happy 13th to Adam! Hope that he's having a blast being 13 so far and that he's got that phone all figured out by now! Dave has the same phone and we have *so* much fun asking Siri crazy questions (like: "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?" or "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"). If he hasn't asked her those yet have him, the responses are great! :)



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