Friday, November 16, 2012

Full And Bustling Is November

Oh, November. The month that has nearly every day, and certainly every weekend accounted for. The month of putting the garden to bed and all the fall clean-up that requires. The month of tidying and in some cases, beautifying corners or our home. This is the month of menu planning, of making lists and ordering a turkey and tracking down other local foods. November means concerts and must-see movies. This is the month of extra rehearsals and classes winding down. November is MIT Splash!. November is resisting humming Yule music in the stores and compromising by singing along to the Love Actually soundtrack (at least until Santa arrives at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, that is.)

making the garden neat and tidy before the holidays and winter (which is slightly more complicated than usual because we haven't had a hard frost yet) #maine #organicgarden #urbangarden
goodnight, garden
bowl fetish -- this represents  about 1/10 of my assortment
more than happy to support local farmers who produce what we do not. #eatmaine
guest bedroom corner - I love a funky lamp

Today is chock-full of some rushed house cleaning, ironing clothes and ferrying both our teens to their rehearsal, then concert (they're performing some of Mahler's 3rd with the Southern Maine Children's Choir), plus packing and readying to be away for the weekend. We'll be up before dawn to head to Cambridge for Splash and we'll be home late Sunday, and then we jump right into Thanksgiving prep (we're hosting this year.) Oh, November, some think you are dreary, but I think you are wonderful.


  1. I find that November is usually jam-packed full and goes by SO FAST. Sounds like that's your November, too.

  2. I too love November! All that comes with Thanksgiving and spending time giving thanks (daily!) for all we have! Happy Thanksgiving, Amy! May you and your family have a most blessed day!



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