Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Grateful Heart : Giving Thanks

Here are a few things I find myself so utterly grateful for this week:

The opportunities my children have in our part of Maine. For my children, most of all, who so love music, and sing with their whole bodies and spirits.

they are singing with the Southern Maine Children's Choir, which is performing with Portland Youth Ensembles- Mahler's 3rd #unschooling #choir #maine
my two are in white, just left of center #unschooling #maine #theirvoiceistheirinstrument

Early morning starts that get us where we are going right on time, and which provide a chance to see the frost covered landscape in the golden dawn.

frosted morning in Maine
ready (as one can be on only  four hours of sleep) for their 18 hour day at #MITSplash

The efficient organization of MIT Splash registration and confident teens, eager to begin 18 hour days without us. And for the opportunities our teens have less than two hours south of us.

they have to get organized first #mitsplash #unschooling #teens
Adam's 2nd #mitsplash #unschooling

The hard-won table at a popular restaurant on a busy Saturday night, and a chance to reconnect with our teens for an hour.

Saturday night in Harvard Square + two tired teens #MITSplash

A gorgeous autumn morning spent in Cambridge.

good morning from MIT Splash Day Two #mitsplash
Sunday morning Charles River #Cambridge #Boston
on the Charles #cambridge #boston

An unexpectedly shortened Splash Sunday and a chance to arrive home during daylight to a welcoming and cozy space, and time to catch a movie in the early evening.

h o m e.
We've only been gone since 7am Saturday, but it felt longer. Sundays at #mitsplash have been a disappointment these last two years, plus one teen started to not feel very well. So we packed up everyone and salvaged the day by having a nice lunch and arriv

Old silver and housekeeping shortcuts.

time to get out the silver #holidaypreparations #vintage
trying the aluminum foil, salt and baking soda method to remove tarnish #IsawitonPinterest #vintage #holidaypreparations

Those nights in bed when we just laugh, wrapped in each other.

some nights, we simply like to get in bed and laugh #love #marriedlife

Finally finding a cranberry-orange bread recipe that works and very close to the one my mother used to make.

cranberry orange tea bread

Good smells filling our home.

good smells filling the house today

All the prepping, cleaning, decorating and planning my family has contributed so that we may enjoy a full and festive house when family gathers here tomorrow. With this grateful heart, I give thanks.


  1. What a beautiful post!

    And, in honor of this thankful holiday, I just wanted to take the time to let you know that I am so grateful for you and your wisdom! Thank you for being one of my "unschooling fairy godmothers!"

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Amy!

  2. A lovely post. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Amy- Your faithful readers are thankful for your gift of writing and your willingness to share your lovely family's life with us. HAppy Thanksgiving from Oregon to Maine!



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